Smart GPS tracker for car: How GPS trackers work

    The worldwide development of new technologies has recently produced a large number of new devices. One of the greatest achievements is certainly the GPS tracker for vehicles.

    A GPS tracker – in other words, the Global Positioning System Tracker – is a small device that relies on the worldwide radio navigation system and cellular networks to monitor the location of a vehicle or truck in real-time. The GPS is primarily both funded and controlled by the US Department of Defense.

    Incidentally, the entire system was originally developed for the US military. Today, however, there are many civil users around the world who have the GPS transmitter installed or in use in their vehicles. These civilian users are accordingly entitled to use the standard positioning service without restrictions or fees.

    In most cases, the GPS tracker is installed in an inconspicuous place or hidden. Law enforcement agencies and private investigators use these car GPS transmitters in conjunction with an appropriate arrest warrant to search for missing vehicles and track criminals.

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